"Stelios has created well-received soundtracks using just his guitar. Recorded live, this EP of hypnotic pieces showcases his fluency while remaining beautifully understated."

The Musician, Spring 2018 Issue

"Stelios Kyriakidis’s score is brooding and imposing. The electric guitar throbs and pulses, enveloping the performers in a dense cocoon of sound."

"A subtle soundscape crafted and performed by Stelios Kyriakidis replicates the thudding of a heartbeat, and simple guitar strumming builds into a powerful crescendo as events reach breaking point. Later, his original music has a more calming feel to it as the strangers find a way to move on. Given Aliyanni relies on emotion rather than detail, the live music has a particular importance in reaching the audience. It's certainly a stronger production for it."

Optica’s third movement, Night, was the highlight for me – a wonderful melody over a hauntingly simple backdrop of repeated plucked strings. Fabulous…

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