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Fusing together his modern and classical background, Greek-born, London-based guitarist and composer Stelios Kyriakidis aims to create music for guitar that is as understated as it is stirring. Influenced by neoclassical, folk and film music elements, Stelios is equally at home in writing music as he is performing it on stage, seeking to deliver an organic and transcendent experience in his live shows. 


Stelios has been interviewed and had his music featured on BBC Radio London. The Minor7th magazine described him as “Kyriakidis has a delightful way of creating bright, shimmering melodies that you want to hear again”. A Moment And A Thousand Years, one of the pieces in his latest Agalia album, entered the Apple Music Classical Charts in Estonia and Denmark. 'A Wonderful Life' has been described by the Music Dances When You Sleep blog as “Soaked in its self-propelled moment of beauty the tune serenades that which we all know - life - through the finest pair of lenses one can ask for.”


Stelios has performed in the USA, UK, Germany and Greece in places such as the 21st Century Guitar Conference (Indianapolis, USA), Green Note (London, UK), King’s Place (London, UK) Handmade & Recycled Festival (Athens, Greece), Bavul Kunst und Kultur Cafe (Berlin, Germany) and Inspiring Futures (Sheffield, UK), among others.


...the piece exhibits finest playing skills along with a musicality that is glowing with talent, intent and a deep understanding of universal beauty. is just so lovingly conceived and played to perfection...while the melody is melancholy and has a sense of yearning. What a talent he is.

Kyriakidis has a delightful way of creating bright, shimmering melodies that you want to hear again.


Recorded live, this EP of hypnotic pieces showcases his fluency while remaining beautifully understated.

Optica’s third movement, Night, was the highlight for me – a wonderful melody over a hauntingly simple backdrop of repeated plucked strings. Fabulous…

A subtle soundscape crafted and performed by Stelios Kyriakidis replicates the thudding of a heartbeat... the live music has a particular importance in reaching the audience. It's certainly a stronger production for it.

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